• Approx. 300 working bays
  • Huge capacity 6 storey car park
  • Excessive reception bays
  • Multiple valet bays
  • More than 150 hydraulic lifts

Toyota Plaza is considered to be one of the largest service centers in the world for Toyota and Lexus . Ebrahim K. Kanoo deployed all the needed resources to build a landmark one stop shop for all Toyota and Lexus customers in Bahrain to make them feel special as they are.

Vision :

To set new standards of customer care and to become the role model of the Toyota and Lexus brands services in the region.

Mission :

To be the state-of-the art service center for vehicles introducing innovative, quality and luxury services synonymous with the Toyota and Lexus brands.


More than 1 Million Sq.ft Area

Open Gallery Lounges

Approx. 300 working bays

More than 150 hydraulic lifts

Paint Booths & Frame Aligners

Quality Inspection Booths


Auto Wash Machines

Huge capacity 6 storey car park

  • Fully Air Conditioned Facility
  • Insurance Companies Operational Hall
  • Staff Clinic, Recreating Lounges
  • Implementation of Toyota Production System ( TPS)
  • Environment Friendly Waste Management System
  • Manual Washing Lifts.
  • Usage of PG Hybrid ECO Paints
  • Intelligent Operation Management System
  • Abundant Parking Space for Over 1000 Vehicles