• Maximum performance & longevity
  • Best quality & superior reliability
  • Model specific parts
  • Best value for money
  • Highest vehicle residual value
Genuene Brake Parts

Stemming from the fact that Toyota and Lexus stand for the highest standards in quality, durability and reliability, and in order to maintain these standards for the longest operating time possible, E.K.Kanoo always promotes the use of only Toyota and Lexus Genuine Parts. Genuine parts extend the life of vehicles, reduce the possibility of failure on the road and guarantee a safer driving experience. Moreover, they provide the customer the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are relying on parts engineered to the highest quality and most rigorous standards.

Genuene Oil Filters

With such precise engineering, it is paramount to have a support mechanism offering a very articulate Inventory system. The storage facility at the Toyota Plaza is comprehensive and keeps almost all parts in stock. Each part is electronically coded and tracked as part of an inventory management system for efficient and speedy delivery, while automatic re-ordering makes availability certain to attend to customer needs.

Genuene Cabin Air Filters