• Over 60 years of success
  • Portfolio of global brands
  • Over 2000 employees
  • 100% computerized processes
  • Largest operations network
Since its inception, Ebrahim K. Kanoo BSC (c) has dedicated itself to the progress and prosperity of the automobile industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

In a few decades, the company has grown into a pioneering conglomerate. Since the company became the exclusive distributor of Toyota in 1966, it has been consistently leading the way with projects that contributed to the growth of the car industry and insured continued customer satisfaction. The Toyota Plaza is the latest concept from Ebrahim K. Kanoo BSC (c) that represents the company’s pioneering vision.

“At Ebrahim K. Kanoo BSC (C), we believe that true progress and growth can only be accomplished by having a powerful vision for the future. By looking at what is Possible, we can build a future where we can provide new levels of superior service and technological expertise. Bahrain is brimming with national talent. Combining that With international standards of service, we can achieve true innovation.”


“Ebrahim K. Kanoo's has always operated its business with high level of professionalism while simultaneously positioning itself for the future.Our principal business mission is to render superior products and services with a passion to exceed all expectations. We have been inspired by Toyota and Lexus in the way we set new standards of service. Our dedication to product quality, innovation and building trust with our customers represents Toyota and Lexus’s core principles. We see ourselves as more than sole distributors for Toyota and Lexus, we are partners for progress. ”