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About Us

For over a century, the Kanoo family has been one of Bahrain’s foremost merchant dynasties. With mercantile connections spanning the Arab world and South Asia from the days of antiquity - even before the invention of the motor car - the Kanoo name has for generations been a byword for trust, service, and dependability.

At the time of Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo’s birth in 1920, there were only two cars on the island of Bahrain, both owned by the Ruling family. Within a decade this had increased seventy-fold with the demands of oil exploration, despite the ravages of the Great Depression. In the years following World War II, Ebrahim established himself as a leading importer of automobiles and parts, securing in 1966 the sole authorised distributorship in Bahrain of Toyota automobiles, industrial vehicles and related services.

Today, with more than 50 years of commitment to service excellence, E.K. Kanoo is universally acknowledged as one of the island’s automotive pioneers, developing and exceeding expectations in the automotive business. The next generation of the Kanoo family are now fully involved in the business and are building their careers, and the business, in the founder’s footsteps.

However much the world has changed from the humble days of yesteryear, E.K. Kanoo’s traditional courtesy and respect for customers and employees alike are undeniable constants. This, and the Group’s impeccable reputation for trust, will enable it to face the challenges that lie ahead.